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What to Remember When Having a Custom Wardrobe Built

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Custom wardrobes can give you the storage space you need in any room of the home, including a bedroom, bathroom, hobby room or basement. Having this piece custom made can ensure every square inch or centimetre of that piece is utilized and that it works to provide the storage needed for your items in particular. Before you have a custom wardrobe built for a room or space of your home, note a few important details to remember and discuss with your contractor.


Wardrobes will have either a hinged door that swings open or sliding doors. A hinged door can mean easier access to items inside the wardrobe, and it can also hold hooks on the inside for hanging jewellery, hats and accessories, but note the clearance needed for these doors. In a smaller space especially, consider whether the door would get in the way of furniture or foot traffic when opened fully and if a sliding door would then be a better option.

Top of the piece

Consider how tall you'll have the piece built. The rod that is inside the wardrobe, along the top of it, is often placed so that you can reach clothes easily. However, a wardrobe built only as tall as the location of that rod can mean an unsightly gap between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling of the room.

And added shelf above the rod may not be easily accessible, but it can offer storage for items you don't use often, such as hats or thick sweaters. It can also make the piece fit more seamlessly in the room and make it more attractive. If you are going to leave a gap between the top of the wardrobe and the room's ceiling, consider putting up baskets or some stacks of books to create a more attractive look.


You might want the wardrobe to "disappear" into the wall where it will be built, which can create a clean and simple look to the bedroom. However, a custom wardrobe is also your chance to add some style to the bedroom. You might have panels with mirrors built into the front, or oversized handles that add a metallic element to the wardrobe. You might also have the wardrobe painted a bold and bright colour that complements the bedroom's linens and artwork,and makes the piece stand out. These simple touches can bring personality to the bedroom and to your custom wardrobe itself.