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Furniture Pieces That Are Worth Having Custom Made

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Store-bought furniture might work well for some rooms of your home, but you would do well to have some furniture pieces custom made. Not only can this mean having pieces that work better for your own particular needs, but custom pieces might also fit better in certain rooms of your home. Note a few furniture pieces that are worth having custom made for your home.

Entertainment centre

When you have a large television with lots of plug-ins, including a DVD player, gaming system, speakers and the like, it's good to have a custom-made entertainment centre. This will ensure those pieces all fit in their own cubbyholes while still allowing you to easily access their slots, doors, buttons and so on. A custom made entertainment centre can also provide hidden storage for unattractive pieces such as cords and controllers, and it can include separate spaces for artwork or other accessories that help to soften the space.

While a custom entertainment centre is good for those with lots of electronics, you might also have a piece custom-made if you only have a television and nothing more than a Wi-Fi modem! A custom piece can be fitted around that TV and still allow you to hide away its cords and modem, without taking up too much space in your living or family room.


Having a desk custom made can ensure you have all the storage space needed for your particular paperwork and files, as well as computer disks, a large printer, a fax machine and whatever other equipment you use every day. On the other hand, you may never generate paperwork and don't use a printer or fax machine. In that case, you may only need a small desk space that fits in the corner of a room. 

With a custom-made desk, you might also include slots for holding your phone or tablet while they're being charged. It might also have space for a family calendar, as well as cords, keys, receipts and whatever else is needed to keep you and the family organized.


If you entertain often or enjoy hosting large family dinners, a custom-made buffet can be a great choice. A new buffet can be designed to store away all the dishes, platters, glassware, and other specialty items you don't want to store in the kitchen. Custom buffets can also offer serving space for those big dinners and for entertaining. Having this piece custom made can also mean a buffet that fits perfectly in the dining room, without getting in the way of foot traffic.