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2 key Principles To Adhere To When Creating The Scandinavian Boho Look In Your Home

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One of the hottest looks in interior design at the moment is Scandinavian Boho. This might not initially sound like a pairing that makes much design sense. Scandinavian style is based on minimalist principles, the use of streamlined and simple yet elegant pieces of furniture using a mix of natural materials and pale, neutral colours. In contrast, Boho style is all about colour, eclectic mixes of pattern and texture and ordered chaos.

Surprisingly, Scandinavian Boho design manages to bring these two vastly different styles together in a cohesive and attractive way. It's the ideal look for people who like elements of both styles but find the extremes they represent too much. To successfully achieve this look, here are two key principles you'll need to adhere to.

1. Choose classic Scandinavian style for major furniture items

To maintain the basis of the sleek aesthetic of Scandinavian design, opt for classic, designer pieces of furniture for the main item in your chosen room. In the living room, this will be the sofa, in the bedroom, it will be the bed and in the dining room, it will be the dining table.

Choose pieces of furniture that give you clean lines, refined workmanship and no-fuss style. Stick with pale neutrals such as white, light grey or washed out timber. You can add the Boho touch by layering the furniture with some colour and pattern in the form of cushions, throw rugs, table runners and placemats.

2. Choose a classic minimalist look as a foundation to build on

When creating a Scandinavian Boho look in your home, it's important to start off with a clean, blank canvas as a base to build on. This means saving the colour and design flair of the Boho element for accessories and using the minimalist look of Scandinavian style for the basic elements of the room.

Walls should be white or very pale neutrals to maintain the bright and airy feel of the Scandinavian look. For floors, opt for pale timber or laminate flooring. You can then add picture frames, art, quirky items of small furniture and colourful floor rugs to add the vibrancy of the Boho look.

The Scandinavian Boho look is an excellent design choice because it will give you a contemporary room that is also very flexible if you are looking for a change in the future. The classic pieces of designer Scandinavian style furniture and the neutral base allow you to change the entire look and feel of the room by simply swapping your Boho accessories for new ones that reflect the new style you're hoping to achieve.